englische Version - My best Friend

Rechtschreibprüfung abgeschlossen
Ausdruck und Schreibweise Prüfung: Susanne Grimm

Lektor: Nativspeaker - in Arbeit

To see you is always a pleasure,
you are my most beautiful treasure.

Just take me as I am, without valuation,
remain at my side – often not a vacation,

as you know quite well and surely recall,
I’m incorrigible and no angel at all.

You are able to notice what others don’t say,
about what I don’t have, you just look away.

Brick by brick you unbuilt the wall,
that imprisoned my mind and forced it to fall.

No matter what, you  won’t leave me alone,
when I’m struck off the list and all others are gone.

You know me, you calm me, you listen and care,
am I (- Am I -kann man das machen?) lonely or sad, you are always there.

An angel you are and contrasting are we,
apparent and silly is your weakness for me.

You share my grief through thick and thin,
Oder besser you walk with me through thick and thin?
do even still love me, when I am ugly as sin.

Am I deaf, dumb and blind to get a conclusion,
when I call on you, you will find the solution.

My list of faults is endless and long,
Fills a 1000 miles paper, if  I’m not wrong.

You see it, just cut it and simply don’t care,
Optimists like you are seldom and rare.

Write affection, prudence and patience in a line,
(Your name will appear) appear will your name that resist the storm of time.

You are my plan a and my plan b,
my life raft on stormy see,

you won’t let me go down,
when I almost drown.

Oder lieber: I can be sure, you won’t let me down,
You’ll toss me a lifeline before I go down

Your foresight will even pull me through,
when I’m shield-less or helpless and disaster looms,

You’re my flash lamp (torch, flashlight?) in the deepest darkness,
Your light beams guide me regardless
peaky paths, as stony as can be,
no one holds you back, to rescue me.

On misty nights in your window shines a candle,
you dispel dense fogs, so that I can handle
things to come, to choose the right way,
to reveal what’s good, not to go astray.

When I’m in danger to get lost in a trick maze,
you set up the signpost at the right place.

You walk barefoot through snow and ice
over sharpest shards like a fakir in a trice,
hottest coal won’t even do,
nothing at all will deter you.

You free me from pain with only one word,
disperse my doubts, before they occurred,

I don’t need to watch out (search)  for Mr. Right anymore
you’re my saviour, brave knight, the one I adore

I will face what will come (up?),  whatever may be
With you my best friend - eternally

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englische Version - my best friend/from woman to woman

Rechtschreibprüfung abgeschlossen
Ausdruck und Schreibweise Prüfung: Susanne Grimm
Lektor: Nativspeaker - in Arbeit

english Version my best friend - from woman to woman

You’re my very best friend, all that matters to me,
so precious, important, all that I need,

I always wanted to say this for a long time,
but a little bit different – in sketches and rhyme.

We are different, contrasting, as lid and as pot
Regardless this fact, we like each other a lot

Each of us has a mind of one’s own (or mind of it’s or her own?)
When you want to go out,
I want to stay at home.

When you picture it white, (oder: you think it is white)
though I know it is black,
we may arrange on gray,
that proves opposites attract.

Oder so:
When to yu something’s white,
Though I’m sure it is black,
We may agree on gray....

You’re generous, faithful, my brightest light,
There’s no description that hits (oder: meets) it right,

If  compiled in a book it would fill thousands of pages,
when  I’d consider such, it would take at least ages,
oder (to list it all up, it would take me ages)


You believe in me, when no one else does,
have faith in my skills, where others just pass,
because you are there I’m an optimist,
my future paints (oder besser goes?) pink, because you exist.

I often fight windmills, like Don Quijote,
when all world seems to hatch a plot,
like Sancho Panza you remain brave at my side,
even when I go crazy, you simply abide.


Sometimes, I’m in loss of reality,
You do advert the calamity,

You turn my head back to the right position, (geht das statt into?)
You perceive how I feel, just by thought transmission.

To go shopping with you means hen party and talk,
Sit in the sun or just go for a walk,

to enjoy to spend this time together, (oder das: to enjoy to be on good terms together)
to share this with you is all that matters.

Am I (ist am I auch ok?) suffering lovesick and in need for a heart plumber
You will tape (ist das in dem Zusammenhang ok, oder lieber fix nehmen) my poor heart, when I call your number.

Then you tell with much patience and right to the point,
male species are knit simple, not worth a cent coin,

It’s not my fault, it’s as simple as true,
‘bout women at all - men don’t have a (or any) clue

In addition you say, if you were a man,
I would be your best investment plan.

No more shares would be found at the market place,
all completely sold out and parked in your safe – (stored in your safe?)

You’re my doctor, my nurse and my EMT,
Who’s got the right medicine for healing me,

When my heart is ill, you ‘ll give it a (mit oder ohne - blood) transfusion,
with the perfect prescription against fraud and illusion.

I’d run out of oil, if I wouldn’t had (oder have) you,
you engage the right gear, while I got no clue,

you help me to cope sharp curves in my life,
thanks to your assistance I can even drive.

You give the shirt of your back to use it to clean
the dust and the dirt from my windscreen.

You’re my genie in a bottle and  my good fairy
you’re the one to turn to when situations get hairy,

you are irreplaceable, my most important relation,
Exact the right girl in any situation.


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englische Version

Rechtschreibprüfung abgeschlossen
Ausdruck und Schreibweise Prüfung: Susanne Grimm
Lektor: Nativspeaker - in Arbeit

happy birthday - english version preview

Each birthday is a gift by itself,
precious like a pearl in a shell,

you’re happy that you are there
and that the other one takes care.

I reflected much therefore,
where to find that secret door,
that leads to the way to make you feel good,
before I found it and understood,

what would be better than a gift at all,
that is neither for sale, nor material,

something that really lets you see,
that I like you and how much you mean to me. 

Regarding to this all wonders shall meet you,
and all of your wishes may directly come true.

Your dreams may unfold and should be set free,
what they promise shall fulfill immediately.

Got the power to paint your future in pink,
till all sad faces vanish with a blink.

Teach time to suspend with my hand on the clock,
with quantum physics reality may stop,

By holding the pointer space time has to stand still,
Thanks to E=mc2 -  it will follow my will.

Your fantasy shall be your true and wise guide,
when on white horses along the beach we ride.

I will let leaves of roses rain for you, too
they shall do magic and put a spell on you.

Then surely the frog turns into that prince,
he shall swear endless love till the end of all things.

When the night falls my dear, I will switch on the moon,
below we may sit or ride on a broom.

Equator left side, there is my house with a fence,
one fine day we could live there, as soon it makes sense.

Now slowly the real world may come back it’s way,
while magic should not fade, shall linger or stay.

When you wake up, each day itself holds in store,
the most beautiful gift of the world and much more.

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englische Version - merry christmas

Rechtschreibprüfung - abgeschlossen
Ausdruck und Schreibweise Prüfung - in Arbeit
Lektor: Nativspeaker - in Arbeit

cover mausebären - merry xmas

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

Just a word might be Christmas in our times,
to buy a nice gift is yet/mostly ruling our minds,
but to find the true meaning affords more than this,
it's about what others need and what they miss.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

A pullover patterned with reindeer theme,
is unlikely, funny plus a bit too extreme,
along with it socks, bobble cap, leg- and nose warmer,
does not make you not really look like a cool charmer.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

Impossible to guess/hit the other ones wish,
Either self-made, or with a bought piece rubbish.
Suddenly a light lit up in your mind,
it's for sure something priceless, which you got to find.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

That's because I`d attach a star to the sky,
it'll remind you of me with a tear in your eye.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

While you look in my eyes, you'll clearly see,
I am your biggest devotee.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

If against expectations, you will not recognize,
I'll call it by name with an enlargement device.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

While powdered sugar covers my face,
on the desk I'll paint a love heart trace,
All over white powder is causing a mess,
You just wipe it away with a smile on your face.

With a bright smile and laughter you ignore more or less,
that white powder all over is causing a mess.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

There's a sparkling warm light from the Christmas tree
that echoes back from your eyes to me.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

A snowman built out of stardust at night,
I hope you will like it - at the first sight.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

Ice crystal flower grow at the window pane,
Outside falling stars light up and wane,
the fire place crackles cosy and warm,
when candlelight shines, I'll hold you in my arms.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

Not money, nor gifts, no heroic deed,
that we've got each other is all I need.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

Exactly that way Christmas should be,
I do not need nothing more,
as long you are with me.

mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky

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mausebären - merry xmas by Christine Dumbsky


spanische Version - feliz navidad

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Merry xmas – spellcheck ok
Bearbeitet: Dayenu Cortes


Navidad a veces parece solo una palabra,
el verdadero regalo no se encuentra al instante.
Se tiene que buscar, investigar y saber,
que los otros necesitan y echan en falta
(echan de menos).


Un jersey hizo punto con reno motivo,
(un dibujo del reno)
No puede ser demasiado genial.
Además calcetines, bufanda y un gorro de punto por la nariz,
Parece un poco ... igual
sea lo que sea...


Casi es imposible que se encuentra algo, otras sientan y gustan.
(le gusten y lo sentan)
No es importante si es comprado o fabricado mismo.
(No importante que este comprado o fabricado)
Entonces se te ocurres otra vez, tiene que ser algo impagable.


Por eso voy a atar una estrella al cielo,
en la noche de Navidad lo puedes reencontrar.


Ves en mi ojos, allí verás y enseguida lo encontrarás.


En caso de que no puedes reconocer nada, contra expectación (esperar).
Lo llamaré por su nombre.


Pinto pequeños corazones en azúcar en polvo para ti.
No tengo ningún capaz por hacer pasteles, pero olvidarás.
(No puedo hacer pasteles, pero no te importa.)
Cuando mi cara esta espolvoreada con azúcar, simplemente tendrías que llorar de la risa. (te partes de risa)
Y lo quitarás con tapo. (Y lo limpiarás con un trapo)


En el árbol de Navidad brilla una suave luz,
se dibuja calientemente en tu cara y se refleja por tu mirada
Que vuelta como un eco hacia mi.


Un muñeco de nieve consta del polvo de las estrellas
Lo construiré para ti, ojalá te guste.


En la ventana crecen cristales de hielo y
Estrellas fugaces caen del cielo.
Cerca de la estufa, duerme el gato y mientras la candela brilla te abrazo siempre.


Las cosas mas improtante no son
ni regalos, ni dinero
solo nos tenemos es todo lo que cuenta.
(importa la vida)


Así debe ser Navidad, no necesito mas,
en tanto que, mientras tu estas conmigo toda la vida.



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